About SEFF

Santiago del Estero Film Festival (SEFF), International Festival of Independent Cinema, is a competitive Festival, of international scope, of shorts and feature length films with a look and regional imprint, to develop in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, from 25 to 29 June,2019.
SEFF considers the cinema as a cultural good with an artistic vision. Taking into account this premise, the artistic line of the festival will be linked with the quality, above the cost of the production, giving equal conditions to independent cinema and a low budget author.
In this way we guarantee that independent works, with world sights and individual creativeness can access in equal form to the channels exhibition.
SEFF aims to be a space of meeting, exchange and reflection among the different actors in the cultural industry.

SEFF has four different areas


It is a Festival with open call, international and free, generating a meeting between artists and exponents of national and international cinematography. 
SEFF contains the following sections:

  • International Competition of feature length films
  • Argentinian Competition of feature length films
  • Short films Competition
  • Non-Competitive Samples
  • Special Samples
  • Retrospectives


Provides different kinds of workshops, courses and clinics, talks with teachers, conferences and debates.


It is a specific forum on cinematography, its aesthetics and new formats. It is an open call for papers and an Academic Committee of evaluation that will be composed by personalities and academic leaders in their areas.


This Festival helps to meet directors, producers and cultural managers, getting an exchange of experiences, sights and ways of cultural works.